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    電 話:+86-0511 88203266
    傳 真:+86-0511-88203388
    郵 編:212211
    地 址:江蘇省揚中市大橋西248號
    郵 箱:cherry@th-solar.com
    網 址:http://www.hzwxwz.com

    PHOTON 2012美國太陽能太瓦時大會系列

    PHOTON 2012美國太陽能太瓦時大會系列
      地點: 美國 加利福尼亞州 舊金山
    +1 415 5095296
      網站: www.photon.info/photon_conf_USA2012_conf_en.photon?ActiveID=2211
      開始日期: 2012年02月01日   結束日期: 2012年02月02日
      焦點: 光伏   覆蓋范圍: 國際
      上次展會參展商數:   舉辦次數:
      上次展會參觀人數:   小型展位價格/m2:
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      說明: Ⅰ. Introduction:

    As the US PV sector’ s annual PV installation output has reached a terawatt-hour scale, PHOTON, the world’ s leading solar publishing group, is organizing its Solar Terawatt-hours Conference Series from Feb. 1-2, 2012, in San Francisco, California, to discuss the challenges of this quick growth – regarding the safety of the large and increasing number of installed PV systems, the development of innovative copper-indium-gallium-diselenide (CIGS) thin-film technology, and the integration and financing of solar in the utility landscape.

    Ⅱ. PHOTON’s Solar Terawatt-hours Conference Series includes four 1-day conferences:

    ★ PHOTON’s 3rd PV SAFETY Conference on February 1, 2012
    - How to install and operate safe and reliable PV systems
    A look at the progress in developing standards, procedures and technologies to make PV system operation safer – for reliable power generation, safe and accurate installation, and with theft protection and products to switch off solar modules in the event of a fire.

    ★ PHOTON’s 4th Thin Film Conference February 1, 2012
    - Market strategies of CIGS module makers
    An in-depth overview covering the future of CIGS at a time when the technology market leader is approaching gigawatt capacity and many start-ups are beginning mass production of the highest-efficiency thin-film module technology.

    ★ PHOTON’s 3rd PV Inverter Conference February 2, 2012
    - Entering the era of on-grid inverters with 99-percent efficiency
    A comprehensive picture on the device needed for connecting PV systems to the grid – from technology, performance, reliability and standards to supply, demand, and cost and price developments.

    ★ PHOTON’s 7th Solar Electric Utility Conference February 2, 2012
    - Exploring the impact of California’s large-scale solar boom
    With California being the epicentre of the US boom for large-scale solar power, the conference will discuss the lessons learned and the right strategies to master the gigantic challenges of integrating the upcoming wave of multiple gigawatts of solar into the Californian electricity supply sector.

    Ⅲ. Conference Objectives:

    PHOTON’s Solar Terawatt-hours Conference Series is aimed at solar investors, decision makers from the solar industry and electric utility business, as well as companies planning to move into this exciting and fast-growing technology. The event is organized by PHOTON, the world’s leading PV publisher, with the intention of providing a catalyst for in-depth discussions, analysis and action concerning PV technology on its way to reaching massive scale and impact in global power generation.