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      地點: 巴西 里約熱內盧
    +55 11 38931300
      網站: www.energenlatam.com.br
      開始日期: 2012年01月30日   結束日期: 2012年02月01日
      焦點: 可再生能源   覆蓋范圍: 國際
      上次展會參展商數:   舉辦次數: 1
      上次展會參觀人數:   小型展位價格/m2:
      上次會議與會人數: 860   與會費用:
      說明: Ⅰ. Background:

    The second edition of the Energy Generation Congress Latin America. This event, developed by The Energy Exchange, is the main congress organized by the company to the electric energy sector in the region. Were more than 500 participants in the first edition, and for 2012 we expect a bigger audience. Counting with a big business area and having four congress happening simultaneously and independents, this meeting is a reference to the sector of energy generation in the region, providing to the participants technical knowledge and an executive view, showing the tendencies and opportunities of the sector.

    This four events has the main modalities of the generation energy sector – Hydro, Thermal, Wind and Solar – being each one of them specifics congress with a representative size, reaching different audience and with an independent communication. See bellow which are the:

    With an energy matrix essentially hydric, the Latin America has huge opportunities and challenges in its hands with his enormous generator plant. The challenges are in structure new projects – big and small size – without lose the maxim use of the plants on operation. The opportunity is to enjoy at the most of the clean matrix that more than ever is a reference in the international sector, making the Hydro Energy a necessary meeting of the investors of the theme.

    Ⅱ. Solar Energy Congress LatAm Introduction:

    The Solar Energy Congress LatAm reaches its second edition as the definitive meeting place for professionals to exchange key information and do business for Solar Power project development in Latin American countries. It is being developed by The Energy Exchange and will count with the most important representatives of public and private sector for the region, covering both executive and technical questions regarding the development of this powerful source of energy. There is no turning back for Latin America when it comes to Solar Energy Development. It has a lot of potential, companies are beginning to install their facilities and deploy representative investments for this sector and government is already starting to make decisions and specific programs that pushes forward Solar Power in the Region. If you want to be part of this, this is definitely the right platform to do so.

    This forum has been developed after a deep process of research and analysis of the market. Through qualitative and quantitative surveys, we understand the importance of this issue for the area, as well as the main topics that should be covered within this event. You’ ll be able to check in the following pages the congress’ preliminary agenda and the potential speakers we want to bring to this unprecedented initiative.

    ★ Day 1 Covered Topics:

    ● Perspectives of development for the energy generation sector for the short, middle and long terms: Demand projection and sources availability
    ● Latin America’ s role for Renewable Energy development and to global goals of emission’ s reduction
    ● The environmental issue: how the energy sector has been dealing – and will keep doing so – under growing pressure from environmental entities
    ● The Energy Integration: where is it happening and which are the main challenges for it to keep growing
    ● Which are the main sources of financial resource for the sector and what kind of energy resource are most – and least – benefited
    ● Expectation for prices variation for the next years in the Energy Sector
    ● Brazilian’ s Pre-Salt and its expected impact for the region’ s energy sector in the next years
    ● Where are the main sources of Solar Energy in Latin America today?
    ● The Solar Power role at COP16 in Mexico and COP 17 in Durban and the main perspectives for its development
    ● Governmental programs being created in Latin America to incentivize Solar Energy
    ● Brazilian regulation model for small generation and its incentives for solar power generation
    ● Smart Grids trends, current stage in Latin America and the solar energy role for its development
    ● Solar Power for Energy Efficiency: governmental incentives and special conditions for its development
    ● On Grid, Off Grid or both? Where is the future for Solar Energy in Latin America

    ★ Day 2 Covered Topics:

    ● Which are the main sources of financial capture for Solar Energy in the region
    ● What criteria do financial entities require from investors for capital concession
    ● Main objections from loan providers for the approval of solar energy projects
    ● Amount of the project financing normally approved by financing entities
    ● Benefits met by investors to apply their capital onto Solar Energy projects
    ● ROI: is it possible for solar power in the region?
    ● Financing capture: main challenges and solutions investors are finding to raise capital
    ● Joint Ventures between equipments provider and investors and its impact on project viability

    ★ Day 3 Covered Topics:

    ● Key factors to support solar power plants and their current status in the region
    ● Main locations in Latin America for the installation of Solar Power Plants
    ● Actual Projects under development in the region and their power generation expectations
    The power plants being developed in Peru and their connection to the Grid
    CEMIG’s experience in Brazil with the largest PV Power Plant in Latin America
    The Argentinean experience with the San Juan Province Solar energy generation
    Elecnor and its experience with the consortium for the Agua Prieta Project in Mexico
    ● Governmental support and their impact for the installation of Solar power plants
    ● Technologies being developed and how they affect the cost x benefit of solar projects

    Ⅲ. Wind Energy Latin America Introduction:

    The second edition of the Wind Energy Latin America, Latin American Congress focused in the investments and in the politics creation that foster the development of the wind generation for the region.

    In 2012, the event take advantage of the sector consolidation in the region to contextualize the relevance in the current context of the climate changes discussions. Now a day, one of the main way of renewable energy is, undoubtedly that which is growing more, the wind generation has a fundamental role in this scenary, becoming an important fraction of the regional brasilian matrix.

    With this consolidation, new questions are asked and, at the same time, some discussions that, besides not being new ones, are still pending: the sector regulation solidity, the creation of auctions directed for the wind energy, which are the dimension of the environmental impacts of this generation, which are the criations of suppliers chain in the continent and the impacts in the costs, between others revelant subjects.

    Ⅳ. Thermal Energy Congress LatAm Introduction:

    The Thermal Energy Congress LatAm gets in 2012 as the definitive meeting to change information and generate business between the executives connected to the Thermoelectric Energy in the Latin America. This meeting is being developed by The Energy Exchange and will count with the main representative executives of the public and private sectors of the region, covering facts that goes since the executive profile until the technical subjects connected to the development of this important resource of energy. Always mentioned at the global warming and the global need of the descarbonization energy matrix discussions the thermo energy is essential for the security and energetic global available. The current debates are contextualizing this generation sector as a renewable and alternative resource, focusing discussions and technologies development that results at the efficiency maximization and environmental impacts minimization. The thermo energy can and should be less pollutant and your expansion, having in mind the energy planning in the Latin American’ s countries and the currents advances for the emissions reduction.

    This event was developed after a deep research and analysis process of the market. It counts with executive and governmental presentations, given by high hierarchy speakers, besides the technical cases of new projects, construction, engineering, maintenance and modernization of the plants.

    Ⅴ. Hydro Energy Congress LatAm Introduction:

    The Hydro Energy Congress LatAm gets in 2012 like the definitive meeting to change information and create business between the professionals connected to Hydro Energy in Latin America. This meeting is being developed by the company The Energy Exchange and will count with more representative professionals from the public and private sector form the region, covering questions since the executive profile until the technical subjects connected to the development of this important energy. The hydro generation is, historically, responsible for the biggest part of matrix energy generation of the region, which makes it privileged for the grate size of energy produced in a renewable way. However, good part of this sector is composed by many antiques plants that need modernization and powering to enlarge your efficiency. At the same time, the big demand for a big offer in the region make that new projects have been developed, little or big size, in view of the Latin America hydro potential.

    This event was developed after a deep process of research and analysis of the Market. He counts more with executive and governmental presentations, done by the companies’ high hierarch, besides of more technical cases about the subjects connected to new projects, construction, engineering, maintenance and the modernization of the plants, and others more.