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              電 話:+86-0511 88203266
              傳 真:+86-0511-88203388
              郵 編:212211
              地 址:江蘇省揚中市大橋西248號
              郵 箱:cherry@th-solar.com
              網 址:http://www.hzwxwz.com

              第四屆Mia Green大會暨展覽會

                第四屆Mia Green大會暨展覽會
                地點: 美國 佛羅里達州 邁阿密
              +1 305 4120000
              +1 305 4123247
                網站: www.miagreen.com
                開始日期: 2012年01月26日   結束日期: 2012年01月27日
                焦點: 可再生能源   覆蓋范圍: 國際
                上次展會參展商數:   舉辦次數: 3
                上次展會參觀人數:   小型展位價格/m2:
                上次會議與會人數:   與會費用:
                說明: Ⅰ. Introduction:

              The MiaGreen Expo & Conference, is the only event in the United States providing access to the ever-growing, non-stoppable green, renewable and sustainable markets for ALL the Americas. This annual, business-to-business event is one-of-a-kind and grows bigger and better every year.

              MiaGreen combines a major trade show with front edge extensive educational and networking programs. The upcoming 4th edition in January 2012 features Green Building & Remodeling, SOLAR, Clean Tech and more.

              Ⅱ. Industry Profile:

              ● Green Building & Remodeling
              ● SOLAR
              ● Clean Technologies
              ● Recycling
              ● Water & Air Sustainable Solutions

              Ⅲ. Featuring:

              ● Technology, Products, Services, Know-How

              ● Education, Certifications & Incentives

              ● Sustainable Operations & Management

              ● Business Opportunities

              ● Financing & Professional Services