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      網站: www.opalevents.org/trk/eifc1228.html
      開始日期: 2012年01月25日   結束日期: 2012年01月26日
      焦點: 可再生能源   覆蓋范圍: 國際 / 本國
      上次展會參展商數:   舉辦次數: 4
      上次展會參觀人數:   小型展位價格/m2:
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      說明: Ⅰ. Conference Introduction:

    Investors and industry players from around the country connect to discuss the most important topics facing the energy sector.

    Join representatives from America’ s foremost family offices, foundations, pensions, endowments as they network with energy’ s leading innovators. Discussions on upcoming and current investment opportunities cover renewable energy investing, smart grids, oil and gas, green real estate, project financing, and other investment/financing opportunities.

    In light of our current geopolitical climate, this conference is a necessary forum in which energy experts can inform and collaborate with the nation’ s largest institutional investors.

    Ⅱ. Conference Agenda:

    January 25, 2012

    ● Government Regulation and Policy

    Tax incentives: federal and state
    Survey of global market regulations
    Pollution and emissions markets
    Regulatory limits on natural resource development

    ● Oil and Natural Gas

    Power in a low-carbon economy
    Investing in offshore drilling
    The shale gas revolution: profiting from the boom
    Private Equity’ s enormous growth potential
    Opportunities in Europe and Brazil

    ● Private Equity

    Start up energy companies: What do they expect from their partners?
    Definition of clean and green PE and VC – imposters vs. real deal standards
    Tapping investment opportunities in a low carbon economy
    Risk management
    Sourcing Deal Flow – finding sustainable, environmentally friendly, humanistic companies and products

    ● Hedge Funds

    Hedge funds verses private equity
    How important is liquidity?
    Opportunities in water, energy and agriculture
    Opportunities on the short side of these markets

    ● Sustainable Investing

    The importance of sustainable investing
    Where is the demand in the institutional and private wealth world?
    Practical ways to invest
    The impact of climate legislation
    What instruments are used for participation?

    ● Solar Power

    Is the solar market saturated?
    What financing schemes are in place and what different financing models have emerged?
    Solar programs in Europe and developing nations
    The future of commercial and residential on-site power

    ● Energy Infrastructure

    Growth of the Smart Grid worldwide market
    Why investors need to consider smart grid
    Exploring how risks and costs are distributed along the value chain
    Smart grid IT infrastructure

    ● Emerging and Frontier Markets

    Current state of worldwide oil exploration
    Opportunities and barriers for international investment?
    Opportunities in the Brazil, Russia and India?
    What are the frontier markets, and how can investors access them?
    Renewable energy boom in Africa
    China: a technological and production powerhouse

    January 26, 2012

    ● Green Building

    Green building materials and technology for a cleaner future
    Energy efficiency within current systems
    The push towards smarter more energy efficient buildings - Fully-integrating green technology in our future cities, offices, and homes
    Financing trends and obstacles
    Exciting developments in lighting, materials, building management systems, and demand response

    ● Wind Power

    Investing in real estate and wind farms
    Growth in the bond market for wind investments
    What are the financial incentives for wind investments?
    The role of equity and hedge funds in wind financing

    ● Project Financing and Marketing

    Project finance and analysis
    The role of tax incentives in renewable energy projects
    Utilizing public-private partnerships
    Opportunities and barriers for international investment

    ● Clean Coal

    Clean Coal: clean energy revolution or misleading oxymoron?
    Investment opportunities along the clean coal industrial supply chain
    Clean coal policies in China and other emerging markets

    ● Other Opportunities in Clean Energy Investing

    Green vehicle outlook: current and future regulations in the US auto industry
    Energy storage: batteries
    Hydrogen fuel cell technology