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    Contact Us

    Address£ºYonglian Bridge,Xinba Town,Yangzhong City,Jiangsu

    Jiangsu Tihein Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of the Tihein Group, having a total investment of $ 80,000,000. Tihein Group is broadly involved in the electrical industry with a strategy that purposely aims at diversity so as to provide the greatest possible flexibility in terms of its commercial viability. The Groups main products are solar panels, PV systems, junction boxes and solar module frames. Solar panel and junction box products have passed TUV and ISO Certificate. The Group has an annual capacity of 150MW and 3,600,000 sets. Products are exported to Europe, America and other regions.

    With a sound management system, strict quality control and an outstanding R & D team, Tihein has mastered the manufacturing of solar generation products; specialising in the design and installation of mid-range to domestic solar PV systems. Tihein strives to provide its clients with the most cost-effective, high-quality photovoltaic products and services.

    Tihein Solar¡¯s vision is that of creating value for customers, providing opportunities for employees , and building a harmonious society. The company is committed to the development and promotion of environmentally-friendly energy production through its advanced technologies; all with the aim of developing a sustainable, reliable solar energy industry.

    Tihein Solar through its innovation and self-improvement hopes to share green energy with everyone to create a cleaner, brighter future for the world we live in.